In response to the Covid-19 pandemic that has held our education system at ransom, we configured an affordable and effective learning management solution that allows for continued learning. Our offer presents a long term solution that immerses our education into a full service digital learning experience. This enables brands to offer their comprehensive schooling experience on an online platform - future proofing our schools - beyond the pandemic, to ensure that no child is left behind. The management system allows for a number of benefits that cultivate a quality educational experience: Access to full grade based curricular, including lecture notes and tests, which students can take at their own pace. Trace the absenteeism concern from both children and teachers through the attendance feature of live classrooms, Protect the privacy of the learners by embedding the broadcast only from the adult teacher's side. Allow for access to additional resources that will improve the quality of learning for the students, Track assessments and provide live quizzes, examinations, and much more. Our aim is to connect learners the content and tools that give them access to quality education irrespective of the platform of use. To find out more and a preview of the demo, contact us today at [email protected]