Moonshot Dynamics was inducted into the LaunchLab: one of Africa’s leading incubators that connects world class startups with innovative corporates looking to implement solutions that change our world. Moonshot Dynamics’ was inducted into the 3rd Santam Innovation Challenge which considered partnering with startups that created solutions in insurance tech. Moonshot Dynamic’s offering is that called Track: an innovative vehicle and asset tracking service designed to harness the power of Ubuntu by creating a community of watchers. Track makes use of the Internet of Things which ensures that the solution is future proof. A chip is installed in vehicles and this chip communicates with an application on mobile devices. The beauty of Track is that code required to communicate with the chip can be embedded into other applications thus rapidly broadening the network of watchers. Congratulations to our team and its founder Isaac Tshiteta, who through the induction were able to secure the attention of investors to take Track to its next level of development.